Rubber Band Ligation for Hemorrhoids

Rubber Band Ligation is the most popular method for treating internal hemorrhoids. It is a process whereby a rubber band is placed around the base of a hemorrhoid, thus cutting off any blood flow to the hemorrhoidal tissue. Within approximately a week, the withered hemorrhoid drops off and scar tissue is formed. This scar tissue helps to keep veins in the area from swelling and entering the anal canal, helping to prevent future hemorrhoids.

The treatment is generally preformed in a doctor’s office where 1 or 2 hemorrhoids can be treated at a time. The patient can be asked if the band is to painful due to being to tight. Should the procedure result extreme pain the doctor can inject medicine into the hemorrhoid. Pain is likely for a few days. If there are more than 2 hemorrhoids needing removal, additional doctor visits can be scheduled in 4 to 6 weeks.

Alternately several hemorrhoids can be treated at the same time if the patient is given a general anesthesia.

The doctor inserts a viewing instrument into the anus. The hemorrhoid is grasped with an instrument which places a rubber band close to the base of the hemorrhoid. The patient may experience pain and feel a need to have a bowel movement. The patient should avoid blood thinners for several days before and after banding.

Some patients are able to resume normal activities very shortly after treatment (lifting of heavy items must be avoided). Others may need several days of rest.

Warm sitz baths and mild pain relievers may by necessary for a few days following the procedure. In about a week after the procedure when the hemorrhoid drops off there may be some slight bleeding which will usually stops by itself.

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