Hemorrhoids treatments at home - can they actually work?

We know that diet and lifestyle changes can have significant impact on both hemorrhoids relief and prevention. Remedies that focus on dietary supplementation can often help to get rid of hemorrhoids without the need for laser or IRC surgery, but treatments that simply cover up the pain and itching caused by hemorrhoids can actually make the hemorrhoids worse over time.

There are literally dozens of self-proclaimed "hemorrhoids miracle" treatments -
How do I know which of these remedies I can actually trust?

With everyone touting a cure for hemorrhoids, it can be tough to tell which treatments might actually get rid of hemorrhoids and which will just get rid of your money.  We've crawled the web and searched the shelves to find the hemorrhoid remedies that can actually bring some hemorrhoids relief, as well as a couple you should probably stay away from.

Why trust hemorrhoid treatment reviews on NHD over other sites?

We've been researching hemorrhoid treatments since 2003 and have helped millions of people find hemorrhoids relief.  We use scientific research to review each hemorrhoids treatment on its own tangible merits:

Top Hemorrhoids Treatments

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For superior ingredients, knowledgeable and professional customer service and a strong business reputation, Hem-B-Gone is the hemorrhoid treatment I use personally and earns my recommendation as the best hemorrhoid treatment available.... read more

Full NHD Review Hem-B-Gone User Reviews
Hem-B-Gone Rating - 4.0 Stars
User Rating: 80.0
Read 39 reviews
Overall Rating: 80.0

Although one of the cheapest hemorrhoid treatments on our list, Avatrol may contain insufficient quantities of key nutrients to provide the fastest hemorrhoids relief possible and requires 45-60 days of continuous use for optimum results.... read more

Full NHD Review Avatrol User Reviews
Avatrol Rating - 2.9 Stars
User Rating: 58.6
Read 7 reviews
Overall Rating: 58.6

Because Venapro may take longer to achieve relief from hemorrhoids symptoms than with other hemorrhoid treatments and because their customer service and reputation are not as strong, in my opinion,... read more

Full NHD Review Venapro User Reviews
Venapro Rating - 2.7 Stars
User Rating: 53.6
Read 11 reviews
Overall Rating: 53.6

Hem-Relief's ingredient claims have merit in a hemorrhoid treatment. Hem-Relief is affordable and the company has an overall positive reputation and a customer service staff that is knowledgeable... read more

Full NHD Review Hem-Relief User Reviews
Hem-Relief Rating - 2.6 Stars
User Rating: 52.6
Read 23 reviews
Overall Rating: 52.6

Although ClearMed contains token amounts of other ingredients, I don't see that it brings any additional value over similar, more established hemorrhoid treatments.... read more

Full NHD Review ClearMed User Reviews
ClearMed Rating - 2.5 Stars
User Rating: 49.1
Read 11 reviews
Overall Rating: 49.1

I have used Ziro in the past for treating the itch and other symptoms of external hemorrhoids and this treatment would rate much higher on our list if it could make the same claims for internal hemorrhoids as it makes for external hemorrhoids.... read more

Full NHD Review ZENMED® Ziro User Reviews
ZENMED® Ziro Rating - 2.3 Stars
User Rating: 46.7
Read 3 reviews
Overall Rating: 46.7
Preparation H Suppositories

Once a name almost synonymous with hemorrhoids, Preparation H provides only temporary relief from hemorrhoid symptoms without addressing any of the dietary or root causes of hemorrhoids.... read more

Full NHD Review Preparation H User Reviews
Preparation H Suppositories Rating - 1.9 Stars
User Rating: 38.9
Read 18 reviews
Overall Rating: 38.9
Holly Hayden's H Miracle

More of a shopping list than an actual hemorrhoids treatment, H-Miracle offers only information and recommendations of actual hemorrhoid treatments to purchase.... read more

Full NHD Review H Miracle User Reviews
Holly Hayden's H Miracle Rating - 0.7 Stars
User Rating: 13.1
Read 16 reviews
Overall Rating: 13.1